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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

"Coockies" with short text files or small packages of information used by the Internet browser on your terminal device (computer, tablet, laptop or mobile phone) when you visit various sites and pages on the Internet. The primary purpose of cookies is to use the available user, which must be returned to the Website. Some cookies also have a specific application, such as storing a user field to represent a website and using full-time users on the Website. You can write more information about how cookies work on the Internet.

How are cookies used on this Website?

In this case, we respond to cookies. The Website is the former for the purpose of utilizing the use of the Site, using it at work and storing user information. No specific data is found in this process, ie or cookies on the site cannot be identified as personal, as contained in this information and the Data Protection Act does not apply. The cookie information should be summarized in a test analysis of the user field to represent the Website, which did not use the functionality of the site, the user requested information and used information.

How are cookies found on this Website?

Session cookies

See these cookies in your full site, and this data should be temporary only in the eligible browser session. Usually the information that is used is available, or the services that are added to the cart, what pages of the site you have visited and how you got to the information. These cookies do not contain information from your terminal device and are retrieved when you click the Website or the wonderful session on your browser.

Permanent cookies

They cannot provide specific browsing information, such as analyzing the sites visited on the site as you have accessed the Website, viewing the pages by selecting the options you have selected and found through this website. Keep track of the information on this information and we do not allow you to make such information on the Website by using corrective errors and viewing the content. Allow the storage of this type of cookie, and vary their specific training.

"Cockies" a third party

Our Website links to other sites or embedded information from other sites, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, partner websites. You may visit these sites or withdraw their content from them to store cookies on your site from these websites. It is these cookies that are defined as "third party cookies", with no control over the generation and management of these cookies. For this, you are advised to seek information about these and how to manage websites on other pages.

How can I manage cookies on this Website?

All browsers allow the management of cookies from a specially created folder in your browser. You can block cookies from being deleted to delete all or part of these cookies, or set your site as a cookie preference before initiating a visit to our site. Please be aware that cheating or blocking cookies may interfere with the website's Web site results and may make your user review it.

Turn cookies off 

Controlling, implementing, or blocking cookies is governed by your browser settings.

This is the sticky Notification module. You can use it for any message such as cookie notices, special promotions, or any other important text.